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I'm Autumn Austin, I help Spiritual Seekers, like you

live beyond fear & limitation; build deep loving relationships & rediscover their own Sacred Beingness, 

so they can live a life of purpose, passion & transformation.

When clients come to me they're usually feeling...

  • Frustrated, maybe even angry, at themselves...

    They know they are being called to something bigger but fear, limitation & unworthiness is holding them back. They are continuing to live within the "story" of who they have been taught they are, rather than a more expanded open authenticity this is available to all of us. 

  • Lonely, Sad...

    They long for deeper more authentic relationships; they feel a deep need to commune with others in a more meaningful way of collaboration, cooperation & vulnerability. They long for intimacy that is only possible when we are authentic to our truest self.

  • Disconnected...

    They do not know how to create & implement spiritual practices that will allow them to feel deeply connected to Mother Earth, higher cosmic dimensions and their own authentic self. They long for spiritual growth & emotional healing but do not know where to begin. They hunger for Higher Consciousness. 


We all want to feel we are living from our highest potential. We want to feel connected, grounded & at peace. We want to believe that we are growing, changing & evolving. And maybe, most importantly, that we are making a difference in the world.

What if you could step into the journey of

authenticity, healing & peace right now?

  • Feel Deeply Connected

    Learn practices that deepen your connection with Mother Earth, her Kingdoms & the Elementals; practices that will foster a deep relationship with your personal guides, allies & spirit animals. Experience deeper relationships with yourself, your dreams, your gifts, your intuition and your feelings. Experience a relationship with the creative impulse that is your true nature. 

  • Feel Empowered & Authentically You

    Learn spiritual practices that awaken within you the understanding of your own divinity and  will empower your creativity, receptivity and intuition. Learn tools to rewire the minds limiting beliefs, patterns & cycles. Create the resilience within to step into your dreams and to create the life you desire. Experience living from a place of Higher Consciousness; living from the heart. 

  • Feel Peaceful & Present as you Heal & Transform

    Learn your personal way of soothing, recharging & healing. Develop personal Self-Love practices for healing & growth. Learn practices for protection, clearing and  grounding.  Experience Multidimensional Shamanic Sound Healings that will assist you with transmuting fear, unworthiness & past trauma into your personal portal to Authenticity. 

That's what I help people do, heal, transform & step into authenticity.

As a Spiritual Mentor, I help people: 

  • Learn to meditate/journey

    When we learn to quiet our mind, we discover there is something beyond the thoughts and feelings. We feel into a peace and presence that is always who we already are. We become present to the loving wisdom within. We touch into our true nature. We open up to higher realms, guides and helpers. 

  • Rewrite old stories of limitation, unworthiness & fear. 

    When we lean into and really get to know our beliefs, fears and perceived limitations, we can begin rewriting those patterns within our mind.  As we recognize that the beliefs we hold are imagined and not reality, we can begin leaning into our authentic self. It is from that authentic self that we find our purpose, passion and transformation.

  • Heal & Transform

    When we experience Reiki along with Shamanic Vibrational Healing, we experience the re-alignment of our own divine energy and light; raising our vibration so that healing, awakening & transformation can be accelerated. Sound & Vibration tunes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Higher frequency sounds cause our bodies to resonate at higher and higher vibrations, which allows for the release of blocked energy and allows our pure natural energy to flow more fully.

  • Raise Their Consciousness

    When we learn to put our attention on our authentic self, rather than our fears, limitations and conditioned ideas of who we are, we begin touching into a higher consciousness. Sometimes this is called the creative impulse of the universe and other times described as the Love that hold all of life together. When we learn to live from that open hearted space beyond ego, we raise our consciousness to higher more profound places. 

    Meet Autumn

    My Purpose and Passion is to Assist You on Your Journey Within to Rediscover Your Sacred Beingness; through Mentoring, Coaching, Sound Healing, Light Language, Usui & Karuna Reiki, Sacred Ceremony along with Shamanic Earth-Based Practices.

    Hi, I'm Autumn Austin

    I have been on this spiritual journey of healing and transformation for over 15 years. It has been and continues to be the hardest yet most rewarding process of my life. Learning to live beyond the old stories of limitation, fear & unworthiness allows something more to emerge. What emerges is authenticity.  


    I would be honored to assist you in finding your spiritual path to authenticity, peace and transformation.



    • I am a mom

      of 2 adult sons. And boy isn't parenting always a growth opportunity?

    • I am also the mom

      of 4 fur babies, 2 snakes & a bearded dragon.

    • I am an avid gardener

      spending time outside in nature recharges me, inspires me & aligns me. Good medicine for the soul! 

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