Hi, I'm Autumn Austin

I am a Life Long Spiritual Seeker, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer, Spiritual Mentor & a Licensed Therapist.

My thirst for a spiritual connection started when I was a little girl and has continued throughout my life and has lead me to many different types of religion and spirituality. 

  • My first feeling of being home spiritually was when I studied and become a Reiki Master and later, expanding into Karuna Reiki Mastery as well. This is where I learned to open to the universal flow of Love and grace and began stepping into my role as a healer. 


  • The next step in my awakening happened as I was participating in an extensive medicine wheel while exploring shamanic practices. This is where my connection to Mother Earth, the Elementals and her many kingdoms began to deepen. These practices continue to be the foundation of my life. 


    At the same time I began my 10 year study of Evolutionary Spirituality where I learned to step out of the old egoic stories of limitation, fear and unworthiness. This is also where I came to understand the infinite divine nature that is at the heart of each of us and all of creation. 



  • A few years later I began a deeply transformative relationship with The Councils of Light and began 

    channeling messages and sounds. As well as leading transformational retreats and events sharing the energies and messages of the Councils. 


    Throughout this spiritual journey I have discovered how to turn old wounds into gifts. I have found the freedom and liberation that comes from living and believing that there is a part of me that is always connected, always peaceful and always striving for the highest good. Stepping out of the constant fear of being a fraud or being unworthy has created the desire within me to help others find that same peace, safety and freedom. 


    Getting in touch with the creative infinite impulse within myself lead me to become the creator and artist of "Journey There Wands".  I am honored that thousands of amazing beings are working with my healing art. You can see these magical tools for awakening, healing and empowerment Just click Here.


    As a Licensed Counselor, I have spent many years helping people overcome trauma and abuse. What I have found throughout the years is that real transformation comes when the body, mind and spirit are addressed equally. I have also found that Reiki, sound/vibration  and shamanic practices help to clear the energy fields so that change can occur. 


    I am dedicated to assisting all who seek my guidance to break down limiting beliefs and help them rediscover their sacred beingness. I would be honored to assist you on your path to wholeness, peace and healing.  



    If you're ready to change your life,

    I can't wait to help!

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